Jan 272012

Currently en route to San Antonio, TX for the weekend. My sister is graduating from nursing school, and Mom and I will both be there.

I’m on a CRJ900 jet, and I find I like the smaller planes more than the big ones. There are only four seats per row, which leaves plenty of leg and elbow room. The flights usually have fewer passengers, and this one seems to be only about half full. Plus, the flight attendants are generous with the snacks.

It’s relaxing not having Internet access for awhile: I don’t feel the urge to keep current with every text message, RSS feed, and Facebook update. I’ve finished The Saga of Seven Suns, the mediocre seven-book space opera I’ve slowly worked my way through since July. I hate leaving things unfinished, and I got far enough into it that I was mildly curious to see how it ended. Good books leave me sorry that they’re over. This series was more like a chore, neither loved nor hated, and with no sense of urgency to complete it.

With that, and some Tiny Tower, out of the way, I’m now alone with my thoughts.

I’ve got nothin’.

10:07pm: It feels like we’re beginning our descent, but we should have another 90 minutes to go, unless the pilot is just dropping down to get under the turbulence. It’s been a mildly bumpy ride so far, with only a few smooth stretches.

Feb 092011

Dreamed I was a hawk, carried over a high mountain ridge by snowy updrafts. Over the ridge and far below me was an alpine valley, with log buildings. Flew down into it like going down a roller coaster. Was chased by red-winged blackbirds, which I couldn’t outmaneuver, so I landed and started shooting them with a BB rifle. Afterwards, I rounded up a bunch of generic small furry rodents, put them in a box, picked it up, and flew away with them somewhere.

This was the first flying dream I’d had in years, and it was fantastic. All of the senses were involved except smell: temperature, wind, sound, sense of altitude, even the stomach drop caused by a steep dive.

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