Jun 252008

For the third time I actually got my ass out of bed and to the gym early enough to work out, shower, change, and be to work by 7am. This despite forgetting to reset and turn on the alarm for 4:45. Luckily(?), Aaron was in "snore like a wood saw" mode all night, and one of the five times I was woken up was at 5:10am: just barely enough time to get up and out by skipping my stretches.

This is all well and good so far, but I'm usually good at starting new projects; it's finishing them that becomes an issue. We'll see. About two weeks in is where I start to get lazy about planning and preparing food, making bad choices when we go out, etc.

I've weighed myself all three mornings so far before showering, and the gym scale has read 1 lb. less each morning (197-196-195), even though I'm eating all damn day. Our scale at home needs to be tossed, because it randomly adds or subtracts up to 5 lbs each time you get on it.

I've decided not to set any complicated goals, like a certain number of inches gained for each muscle measurement. Instead I'm keeping it basic:

– Add 10 lbs. of muscle.
– Drop 4% body fat (from 14% to 10%).
– Comfortably wear nearly any pair of size 32 pants I pull off a store shelf (since they vary so much between manufacturer).

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