Aug 132008

Because I got no sleep Sunday night, I skipped the gym on Monday. To catch up, I’ve done two hard workouts in the last 12 hours: lower body yesterday afternoon around 4:30, and upper body this morning at about 5:30.

Every part of my body feels shaky and I’m having a slight problem walking a straight line. It hardly seems fair that I’m exhibiting signs of drunkenness without getting to enjoy the alcohol.

roadster_guy and I cruised Woodward last night to check out the cars and pre-Dream Cruise activity, which is in full swing. Mercifully we’ll be in Toronto this weekend so we won’t have put up with the actual event.

When we got down to Ferndale we found that Maria’s is still closed for renovation, so we went up the street to Anita’s Kitchen, a Lebanese restaurant facing Woodward with a large outdoor patio. The food was outstanding; a great replacement for La Shish since they shut down. The pita bread wasn’t as good as La Shish’s, but everything else more than made up for it. I hadn’t been that stuffed in weeks.

When we got home I set my phone to syncing, finished up some work stuff, got my clothes packed and ready for the gym, then went to bed before the Olympic coverage kicked back into “All Phelps, All The Time”.

I am sick of hearing about him. Yes, he’s the most accomplished swimmer in Olympic history, so far, and I’m not knocking his ability. But his level of overexposure has surpassed Rachel Ray’s and is approaching Paris Hilton’s. You’d think there were no other American athletes in Beijing at the moment, to listen to the coverage: “Some of these other guys won a medal in some event earlier, but now let’s talk to Michael Phelps’s third grade substitute teacher!”

They should be talking to his dentist.

Jun 272008

Went to the gym this morning around 7:15am, then over to my physical therapy appt. next door. Michele took new measurements on my range of motion and apparently all the PT has been working, because I gained 20 degrees on my left hamstring, and 10 on my right. Ankle range increased by similar but smaller amounts, with the right still less than the left. This was surprising, since my left heel has been the one in the most pain. Their theory is that because the right leg and right side of my back are stiffer, it throws off my gait and puts more impact on the left side.

Afterward I had my usual ultrasound and ice massage on my heels. The ultrasound tech girl had another girl help her with the ice so they could do both heels at once. We all chatted for a bit til it was done. I got up off my stomach and sat on the table to put my shoes back on. I had a tight black t-shirt on and must have been still a bit pumped up from the gym, cuz the perkier one looked me up and down and said jokingly, “Geez, don’t you work out? Like, ever?” I just kind of smiled, blushed, and mumbled something, but it made my day. I told Aaron about it, but he didn’t understand why it was a compliment. I guess you had to be there.

Not wanting to spend the day at my desk, I took myself to see Wall*E at 1:30, and it was up to Pixar’s usual great standards. Really a fun, cute movie, with just enough adult references snuck past the kiddies. On the way to the theater I stopped at the GNC to grab a meal replacement shake and as luck would have it, they had cases on sale for $30 instead of the usual $60, so I picked one up. It also gave me an excuse to talk to and ogle the very cute, muscular sales guy. He looked familiar enough that he might go to my gym but if not I’ll have to find excuses to buy more stuff there. :oP

Since the movie I’ve done pretty much nothing but play City of Heroes, and now that I’m on call my options are limited anyway.

Jun 252008

For the third time I actually got my ass out of bed and to the gym early enough to work out, shower, change, and be to work by 7am. This despite forgetting to reset and turn on the alarm for 4:45. Luckily(?), Aaron was in "snore like a wood saw" mode all night, and one of the five times I was woken up was at 5:10am: just barely enough time to get up and out by skipping my stretches.

This is all well and good so far, but I'm usually good at starting new projects; it's finishing them that becomes an issue. We'll see. About two weeks in is where I start to get lazy about planning and preparing food, making bad choices when we go out, etc.

I've weighed myself all three mornings so far before showering, and the gym scale has read 1 lb. less each morning (197-196-195), even though I'm eating all damn day. Our scale at home needs to be tossed, because it randomly adds or subtracts up to 5 lbs each time you get on it.

I've decided not to set any complicated goals, like a certain number of inches gained for each muscle measurement. Instead I'm keeping it basic:

– Add 10 lbs. of muscle.
– Drop 4% body fat (from 14% to 10%).
– Comfortably wear nearly any pair of size 32 pants I pull off a store shelf (since they vary so much between manufacturer).

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Jun 192007

Last week I faced an unpleasant fact: despite being in my workout program for 10 months, I STILL have the same damn gut and love handles I started with, if not more. The muscles have grown nicely, although I’d like to see more definition, and those ropy bicep veins I find so hot continue to elude me.

I was pissed, and had no one to blame but myself. I blew off the dietary part of the program early on, frequently skipped workouts, especially cardio, and just basically did the bare minimum. I did enough to build some noticeable muscle, but not enough to really lose any fat.

The catalyst for all this was from going to IML a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t count the number of guys there with chiseled bodies who were 5-10 years older than me, if not more. The final straw was the pic I found while clearing out some old items from Gmail, which has become my motivational desktop background:

I started yelling at myself. “You’re going to be 38 years old soon. If you don’t fucking get serious about this now, then when do you plan to?!”

I got up on my institutional-sized soapbox, pumped my fist in the air, and in Howard Beale tradition announced, “I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

I want to be chiseled.
I don’t want the fit of my pants to be a daily crapshoot.
I want to look straight down and see the base of my dick without sucking in my gut.
(Which I haven’t been able to do since 1987, and that only after a combination of boot camp, strep throat, and walking pneumonia had reduced me to looking like an ad for Save The Children.)

So, after relaying all this to my trainer, he briefly sympathized and then told me to get my ass back on his plan and not skip ONE SINGLE MEAL. He also had me recalculate my target heart rate for my cardio using a different formula to keep me in the fat-burning zone. It feels absurdly slow, but he swears he’s dropped two notches on his belt in the last month or so while getting back in shape after a shoulder injury.

I’ve been winging it the last couple days, and spending too much on food at work, but so far I’m staying on track. Aaron bought a ton of food last night but we couldn’t grill any of it, as we’d run out of gas and NO ONE in our area had any in stock. Our fellow summer grillers are hoarding it all, apparently.

Apr 052007

 is off at the NY auto show this week, then staying with

 for the weekend. I’m usually ok with him being out of town for a couple days, but more than that and the silence and emptiness of the house starts to get to me, and I start getting depressed and morbid. So, I’ve been keeping busy in order to stave that off.

Been playing a lot of CoH, both with

 on the main servers (Screamcore hit 23, and is now only one level behind Submissivus!) and on the testing server, trying out the features of the upcoming Issue 9 content patch. Tuesday, I took the bike out for a nine mile ride, not quite making it back to the house before getting soaked by the rainstorm that blew up.

Yesterday I went and got a haircut, then stopped at Kohl’s to find Aaron a replacement jacket for the one he left in a cab in NY. He was out of luck, since they were all out of the style he’d bought recently. This is why he can’t have nice things. I, however, snagged new track pants to replace the ones I’d blown the crotch out of at the gym. I tried on a medium and a large but, oddly, the medium was bigger than the large. I ended up taking the large pair because they didn’t seem as baggy as the medium. I wore them around the house for a bit to get a feel for them, because they fit a bit strangely and seemed to strain at the crotch. I wish I could claim credit for that condition, but I digress. I finally looked more closely at the tags and discovered the reason: I’d accidentally bought womens’ track pants. Why this one pair was hanging on the mens’ rack, when the womens’ section was clear on the other side of the store, I have no idea. Luckily, I had left the tags on them and kept the receipt, so back they go after work. It’s a shame; they made my ass look good.

It was strange going back to the gym last night (in my other track pants) after nearly a three week hiatus. First of all, it was hard to even motivate myself to go after so long away. Second, it was hard to get back in the groove of it. The exercises felt strange, like I was doing them for the first time ever. I waited until 8:30 to go, thinking it would be less crowded, and I could get back in the swing of things with less distraction. HA! The eye candy was still swarming like it was prime time, and I nearly got a neck spasm trying to keep from turning my head at everything that walked by. My Concerta was wearing off by then, which made it even harder to stay focused. I got through it though and, while not a stellar workout, wasn’t too shabby.

Afterwards I watched my favorite scenes from Kung Fu Hustle while I ate, then worked on the Exalted campaign for awhile. Tonight I have the first Tai Chi class that Aaron and I signed up for at the Community Center. Friday and Saturday I’m hanging out with Bryan, and Sunday Mom’s over for brunch at Bon Vie.

Right now I’m trying out a new browser, built on Mozilla, called Flock. It’s got some interesting features, like a photostrip at the top that links directly to Flickr or Photobucket, and a “web snippets” bar at the bottom. You can highlight and right-click text, or an image on a web page, and send it directly to LiveJournal or other blogs, or drag those things to the web snippets strip to build up a collection before posting it. You can also drag and drop thumbnails, or larger versions, right off the photostrip and into a blog entry, like so:

without having to go to Flickr first. You can also open photostrips from anyone else on Flickr, set favorite users, and be notified whenever they post new pictures. Pretty clever. It’s a very new browser, and I’m curious to see how it develops.

Oh, btw, this current cold and snowy weather sucks. I’d mentally switched gears to spring already, teased by last week’s warm weather. Now I had to break out the Ellenwear again, but couldn’t find my gloves. Bleah.

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