Oct 102011

On Friday, Aaron told me that Connor and I would be on our own for dinner and Fringe, as he’d just been invited to the Red Wings home opener at Joe Louis Arena. Hyundai had rented the two suites owned by Budweiser, and was throwing a party related to their new Veloster.

I pouted briefly, but wasn’t terribly upset. A few minutes later I got the message, “I got you a ticket!”. After work, a shower, and a costume change, Chris Nelson from Automobile picked me up and drove me to Joe DeMatio’s to get him. After a stop on the west side to grab Tom & Adrienne, the five of us shared a “cozy” ride to the Joe in a car too small to be comfortable. I don’t even remember what it was, except small and car-shaped.

The suites were stocked with lots of food and booze, souvenir hockey pucks, light-up beer glasses, and coasters. Most of the beer was Bud Light and MGD Light, but one of the suites had good beer: Heineken (Hey, we’re grading on a curve here).

I haven’t followed hockey with any regularity since the late ‘90s, so most of the Wings were complete unknowns to me, and it was a bit depressing to see how old Chris Osgood looks now. Regardless, the Wings made the Senators their bitches until the third period and, unlike most games I’ve watched, I happened to be staring directly at the net for two(!) of the night’s goals. The Wings still won, as they should.

I was also unofficially endorsed by the Wall Street Journal. I was introduced to this (straight, married) reporter by Aaron. We chatted for a few minutes, then I went to the other suite to swipe the last Heineken. After I left, this guy (whose name eludes me) says to Aaron, “So, Aaron, you scored yourself a hottie.”

Aaron, thinking he’s referring to a car: “Buh…wha?”
Reporter: “Ryan; he’s a good looking guy!”
Aaron: “Oh! Uh, thanks! I think so.”
Reporter, laughing: “Probably the last thing you expected to hear out of my mouth, right?”
Aaron: “Yes!”
(All of this was paraphrased, of course)

So that was one of the highlights of my evening.

We’ve been blessed with warm weather for the last week, so I’ve been riding the Raven at every opportunity. Since Connor has built up his gear collection, lacking only a jacket, on Saturday he borrowed mine so I could take him for a ride at long last (I wore my suit). It was my first time taking a passenger, and only his second time on a bike, so we were both fairly nervous.

Once we were both clear about expectations, we took off, riding west all the way to Chelsea and back. The weather was perfect, traffic was light, the scenery was autumnally glorious, and he was a fine passenger.

Yesterday we went for a longer ride: south almost to Milan; west past Tecumseh (which was having some kind of street festival); then north through Manchester up to Chelsea and back home, for a round trip of 72 miles. The day was even more perfect than Saturday, and the northern stretch up M-52 was a route I’d never taken before.

When we got back, we had to shower and dress fast to get to Joe DeMatio’s for his birthday dinner, which was a great time. The food and wine were fantastic (thanks to Joe and Aaron) and the company was entertaining, as always.

Later that night and this morning, I noticed that my abs were very sore, as if I’d been doing a hard ab workout. I realized that it was from having a passenger on the Raven. Every time I accelerated, his weight would pull me slightly backward, and I’d unconsciously tense my stomach to compensate. Three hours of that ends up being a lot of crunches.

The best kind of workout is the one you don’t even realize you’re getting until after the fact.

Saturday was the start of our latest Exalted story arc, and it’s getting crowded around the gaming table. Besides me, Adam, Liz, Jason, and Robert, Mary & Brando were both there, and a kid named Max, who I swear can’t be more than fourteen or fifteen. Seems nice enough, and his characterization managed to slightly creep me out at one point. He’s playing an Abyssal (the Eternal Conqueror of Oblivion), and in one session is already better than our last Abyssal (whom Adam booted because he wasn’t fitting in well).

Mary has a new Zenith caste Solar to replace her ill-fated Eclipse, and is already off to a better start. Silver Seraphim is a real zealot, and if the Unconquered Sun had a Bible, Silver would be thumping it. I keep getting caught off guard by the razor-sharp wit that occasionally comes out of Mary’s mouth, and I think she has some great roleplaying potential once she’s more comfortable with the game system.

I managed to score not one, but two 3-die stunts that night. The first for my creative disassembly of a buck ogre that was stupid enough to attack Max and me, and the second for how I handled a raptor cat that jumped us right afterward. One of the best ways to get a 3-die stunt out of Adam is to make him laugh hard, and spinning a vicious predator around by its tail before hurling it off a cliff while screaming “BAD KITTY!” is a pretty sure way to do that. Now that he has some better Charms, Rönas is getting a lot more effective in combat.

I rode the Raven to Adam & Liz’s, and damn, that’s a long uncomfortable ride. The suit was too warm on the way there, and too cold on the way back, because I didn’t check the weather and bring a warmer under layer for the trip home. I also nearly ran out of gas before I could find an open station at 8 Mile and I-275. Luckily, Meijer is 24/7. On the plus side, my new HID headlights make a huge difference in visibility, otherwise I wouldn’t have made that trip.

I went directly to Andy’s place for his birthday party, and stayed for almost two hours with the 15 or so people that were still there at 1 a.m. Kai was there, since he was in the area that day for a family reunion, and when he saw me in my moto gear he nearly raped me on the spot, so that was gratifying. LOL

Feb 162010

The Trainer (and I feel it’s important that this be capitalized) did not reduce me to blurred vision, gasping, and acid reflux as he did last Thursday. Not that it wasn’t intense, but this was an upper body workout which, unlike a legs/core routine, typically doesn’t transform one into this:

It consisted of two rounds of deadlift presses, lateral dumbell raises (where 1.5 reps actually equaled 1 rep), walking the treadmill with my hands while in a pushup position (both directions), doing a 1-minute plank with my elbows balanced on a Bosu, and walking across the room and back holding a 12 lb. medicine ball straight up in the air with one hand, dipping it down to my shoulder and back up at the halfway point. It looks easy.

It lies.

I’ve been given dietary instructions for the rest of the week, before we take all my baseline measurements on Saturday morning: no processed sugar, minimal sodium, and *shudder* NO ALCOHOL. On top of that, I can’t drink anything at all after 9pm on Friday night.

Well, I guess that makes me the designated driver for the Great Guinness Toast birthday party we’re attending Friday night. :-/

On the plus side, Paul The Trainer told me to make up for it on Saturday, just in time for our friend Andy’s Mardi Gras party. Rest assured, I will devour King Cake and Hurricanes like the People of Walmart turned loose at the Old Country Buffet.

Oct 212007

At the pleading of my sister, I’m headed to Fort Irwin, CA tomorrow to stay and help her for a week while she recovers from delivering 12 lbs. of surrogate twins. Her housekeeper is going back home tomorrow and Mom left two days before the birth so, since my bro-in-law is stationed in Texas and can’t come home, I’m going to play the good brother and chase after my niece and nephew. Wish me luck in getting up at 3:30am to get to the airport. Ugh.

This trip I finally got organized to the point of OCD and made a checklist of everything I’m taking with me, and rechecking it when I pack to return. On our last couple journeys I was scrambling for shirts cuz I didn’t pack enough, but had too many pants.

Last night

 and I went to


‘s housewarming party at their Park Shelton condo, and a fine time was had by all. Their place is great and they’ve done a fantastic job with the details of decorating. See

‘s LJ for some pictures, with more by Aaron to follow.

I think I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m totally stuck for a novel idea. Blank Page Syndrome rears its empty head yet again.

Jul 252007

Spent yesterday afternoon with Mom at Wyandotte Hospital for a test that she had to have (which came back fine, fortunately). They asked her to come in as early as possible instead of the original 4pm, so I hustled down to Brownstown from work. We both wanted to get it over ASAP: her because it was going to be uncomfortable; me because I was tired and in pain. Unfortunately, because of a scheduling screwup, she didn’t end up getting the test until 4pm anyway. At least SHE got two doses of happy juice while we waited; I had to settle for an apple mini-danish, which wasn’t nearly as happy.

After stopping to get her some Chinese food and dropping her off, I (carefully!) drove back through the I-75 construction zone, avoiding a repeat of Sunday’s ticket. I had every intention of going to the gym then playing with the new content in City of Heroes, but I was so tired, hungry, and sore I couldn’t bear the thought. I made it through the arrival of

 ‘s friend Danny, a fantastic chuck roast dinner by

 , and the rest of Fargo before I took a bath and an Ambien and sacked out at 9:30pm. The antibiotics must be working, because I’m not nearly as sore this morning, but I’m still running a 3° chill.

Hopefully I’ll feel well enough this afternoon to hit the gym again; I already feel guilty for skipping yesterday, despite the extenuating circumstances.

Backtracking a bit, we had a really good time at

 ‘s party Saturday night after I left Mom’s. Most of the usual suspects were there, including



, and our favorite gay groupie Chani, who was in charge of bartending. The mango mojitos needed some tweaking at first, but turned out just fine in the end. We also got to play with Andy’s new iPhone (Aaron is now a convert and wants one pretty badly), and I got to fondle his new 17″ MacBook Pro. *sigh* Someday…

Aug 212006

Friday night we had our combined [info]roadster_guy's birthday/graduation/summer drunkfest, and attracted about a dozen guests eager to help demolish the liquor supply, with great success. [info]a2andy, [info]alcadd, [info]brendand, [info]brokenbryan, [info]jamie95, [info]merksamer, [info]mrimp, [info]obmoloceoj, [info]odysseyseven, [info]thafuzz, and Andy's non-LJ friend Ben started arriving around 9:30pm and I finally stumbled to bed around 2:30am, having been up since 5:30am the previous morning. The party continued for about another half hour, so I'm told.

Saturday we woke up at the crack of noon and did nothing in particular for most of the day. I didn't even leave the house until 4:30pm to go to the gym. [info]mrimp and [info]odysseyseven showed up at about 6:30 to go see "Snakes on a Plane" at the AMC in Sterling Heights. I have to say it was a really good bad movie. It was funny, cheesy, sometimes gory, and totally unbelievable, which was the whole point. Afterward we stopped at Fourbuck's to pester [info]brokenbryan and use up our free drink coupons.

Sunday was another sleep-in day, but only til 10:30 this time. We drove into Ferndale about 1pm for crepes on the patio at Josephine (yummy!), and endured the noise of the "band", {SomeNamelessDude} & the Sax Maniacs, playing at the corner of 9 Mile and Woodward, which was still closed off because of Dream Cruise. EDIT: Forgot to mention we ran into [info]thirdreel and his parents at Josephine. :o)

The rest of the afternoon Aaron finished packing for London then we were off to the airport. Had a quick shower when I got back and settled in for the inaugural installment of the monthly Rough Trade group action (in City of Heroes, that is). We had about 11 or 12 people at most, with a few rotating in and out over the course of 4 hours. Unfortunately it took almost an hour to get everyone sorted into two teams with appropriate levels, but once we got rolling it was a great time. Knocked out a bunch of missions and gained half a level. 5 bars to lvl 48 for Wire.

Last night I had a nightmare that Aaron had died enroute to, or in, England, and I was getting a bunch of condolence emails. I kept willing it to not be true, eventually realized I was dreaming, and finally woke up. *whew*

He's apparently having a good time over there so far. The new boss is very cool, as are the other employees there, and he's learned a lot about the job already. He expects he'll be over to England a lot. I'd better get to go at least a couple of times. When I talked to him about an hour ago he was about to go check out a pub for dinner.

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