Jan 192011

Dreamed I’d gotten married to a pretty, black-haired woman who was blind. I went into a side room of the reception hall to change clothes, but I just kept rearranging the clothes I was already wearing: black dress shirt, black undershirt, tan pants, brown belt. I tucked, untucked, buttoned, unbuttoned, took the belt off, and put it back on. I was trying to hurry but it seemed to take forever. There were pastel chalk marks on my collar around the top button, but I can’t remember why they were there. I do remember thinking, “She’s blind; she won’t notice them.”

When I first went in, I could hear a lot of noise from the hall. Near the end of all this re-dressing my friends in the hall started singing a showtune in unison; Joe Dix’s voice was the only recognizable one. I thought at first it was “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge, but the words were something like, “you changed my life completely” or “you changed everything”.

I finally walked out of the room to find a silent, nearly empty hall. There were four large, round, white tables off to the right side, three of which were empty. At the fourth one sat my sister, my maternal grandmother, and a couple of other unknown relatives. On the table were all kinds of desserts, with a red, white & blue color scheme. One dish I focused on looked like a bowl of white macaroni in white chocolate sauce with sprinkles, and I remember thinking it looked kind of revolting: the macaroni had an unnatural shine to it.

I felt terrible that everyone had left, and wondered why no one had come to check on me or hurry me up. I walked up behind my sister, put my hands on her shoulders, and said, “I am SO sorry it took so long!”

Clearly annoyed, she replied, “I don’t care! It’s YOUR birthday!”

I woke up.

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