Feb 232010

So I’m running some Argent Crusade dailies in Zul’drak today before I meet with the trainer. I had hit exalted reputation with Ebon Blade the night before, so thought maybe I could hit exalted with A.C. before too long and get some new boots. At level 80 I’m still wearing Gorloc Muddy Footwraps.

Some guy named Đeath is out there too, and throws me an invite. I agree, thinking he’s doing the same quest I am, but he never says anything so I drop him. A little while later he messages me, “I need help stalling the monsters.” I finally agree to join him again, and as we get started he says, “Don’t kill them, just entangle them.” Thinking he has some weird quest requirement I agree, noticing that he’s throwing something at the mobs while they’re entangled.

After the second kill (when he orders me to heal him) I get suspicious and ask him, “What do you need them entangled for?”

“I’m leveling my Thrown.”

Welcome to my block list, asshole.

Nov 132008

I did NOT go stand in line at midnight at the Somerset Gamestop with all the other little murlocs nerdlings to get the WoW expansion.

I do admit I was slightly tempted around midnight. I had been chatting with seeporkchoprun and mrimp, then my sister wanted to use Gmail’s new video chat for awhile, THEN I had work stuff to do. Figured that since it was already midnight, I might make the five minute drive to the mall.

But I knew that, after waiting for Selune knows how long to get my copy, I wouldn’t resist installing it when I got home, then logging on “just for a minute!” to check things out. If I was lucky I’d get to bed by 4 a.m. So, good sense and exhaustion won out. After work and gym will be soon enough to renew my addiction.

Nov 122008

Apparently someone tripped over the power cord at Blizzard because, with less than 48 hours until the expansion launch, they broke the shit out of the game for over 18 hours. The screaming on the forums was so deafening you’d think they’d pulled the plug on life support. For some of those folks, I guess they kinda did.

Even when the game is up I stay on top of the “Need To Do” stuff (work, eat, bathe, exercise, socialize, marital needs, etc.) but I’ve found that when I can’t play, for whatever reason, I actually take the time to do things on my “Like To Do At Some Point” list.

Yesterday I taught myself the basics of video editing using both iMovie ’08 and iMovie HD (previous version). Granted, the goal was to add titles, transitions, and music to porn clips but hey, you gotta start somewhere. I got so into it (the editing, not the porn) that I was glued to the monitor for about six hours and never even changed out of my work clothes.

In the course of my self-tutorial I discovered that iMovie ’08 sucks balls for anything more than very basic work, and I’d like to know what the hell Apple was smoking when they decided a video editor that does NOT use timeline-based editing would be a good thing. At least they sobered up enough to keep the old version available for free download.

Oh, and I also checked the WoW server status about every 10 minutes. *ducks head*

EDIT: Just noticed that I now have a 3-day credit on my WoW account.

Oct 272008

More info on the Steelseries WoW gaming mouse.

– 10 possible profiles (for alts, or multiple profiles for the same character such as PvP or raiding).
– Links to the Armory in the client software.
– Set a specific mouse light color to a profile.


This is now on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas. Pity the Mac drivers won’t be available until Dec./Jan.

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